Bend, Oregon proved to be the perfect host for Cross Nationals this year. While it was well below zero when we rolled into town, it was quite tolerable once the racing got started. The combination of snow, ice, and mud kept the riders on their toes. Conditions often changed not only from race to race, but even within a given race.

Kudos to
Katie Compton, the best American 'crosser to ever come along. While a strong field that included rising superstar Amy Dombroski and U.S. Road Champion Meredith Miller lined up beside Compton, they could only watch as she rode away. Katie's number one ranking has been earned through years of hard work and sacrifice. This is clearly her time.

I had been saying it all week "NOBOBY can ride ice and snow like
Tim Johnson". If you combine that with the fact that he is the most ferocious, badass competitor I have ever seen, his victory comes as no surprise. Plenty of guys were fit for that race, but TJ rode those icy corners on a rail. Ryan Trebon gave TJ a good chase for the home crowd, but it was clearly not his ideal conditions.
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Elite Races
Tim Johnson winning the 2009 national championship. His last championship was won in even worse conditions in Kansa City.
Danny Summerhill has been unbeatable this year in the U-23 ranks and the national championship race  was no exception. Now we all get to see how Danny fares against some stiff European competition.
Katie Compton is enjoying her finest year on the bike.  She is undefeated on USA soi, and she has two world cup wins. There is a long way to go before the world championships in Tabor, Czech Republic so it is quite likely she will have even more notches in her gun before then.
Venturing outdoor for the first time in days, I was treated to -10 degrees F.. Brrrrr.
I asked Corrine Rivera her name at the starting line. Little did I know she has  won 25 national championships alreay at the age of 17! My photo of her winning is now on her website .   We clearly are going to hear much more from this young woman.
The Collegiate  race was perhaps the best of the weekend. Brady Kappius, shown here, led early in the race. Ben Sonntag then took over but was beaten at the line by a fiery Zach McDonald. To watch the best lap of racing at all the national championships, check out this video on cyclingdirt.org