Fiftysome Uses for

First Aid
Eye patch
Cleaning wounds
Bind a splint
Ice Pack
Cover a sunburn

Safety/ Emergencies
Dust Mask
Mark a trail
Foreign Legion sun shade
Signal Flag
Course water filter

Dish Rag
Pot Holder
Dish Towel
Carry Food
Pillow cover
Polish fruit
Wrap breakables in backpack
Mark luggage at airport
Personal wash cloth
Cover food to keep away flies
Emergency coffee filter
Blindfold for sleeping
Emergency toilet paper
Emergency kindling
Emergency canteen plug
Emergency lamp wick
Sink drain plug
Open stuck jar
Feminine hygiene
Tie food bag to tree
Hang flashlight from tent ceiling

Sweat band
Dew Rag
Tie a pony tail
Shine shoes
Ear Muffs

Tie jacket to bike
Chest warmer
Wipe off sweat
Wrap rattling things in seat pack
Face warmer
Visibility for hunters

Blowing nose
Clean Sunglasses
Clean Camera Lens
Magic Tricks?
Wrap a gift
Canine bandana
Some years ago I was surprised to see "Bandana" on Escape Adventure's packing list.  I bought one for the trip and have never ridden without one since!  No one item that accompanies me on biking adventures has so many uses....and is so light as not to weigh anything at all.

On the 2003 Grand Canyon North Rim trip I sliced my right knee open on a rock within ten minutes of the start.  It was obvious that the cut would normally require a dozen or so stitches but the closest medical facility was about 2 hours away.  We tried to close the cut with gauze and adhesive but sweat just caused these remedies to fall off.  I ended up just tying my bandana around my knee.  We later taped the cut closed with duct tape....another of the most versatile items to carry with you.

Normally my bandana just gets used for sweat and to clean my sun glasses.  But, on the occasions where it sees other uses, it is often a Godsend.

I have discovered there are hundreds of uses for a bandana.  Since many of them relate to making crafts, toys, and fashion items, I have ignored those uses in my list on this page.

I hope you find bandanas as useful as I have !