Petersham Double Century 2006
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some photos courtesy Bill Aldrich
Rich Polt wrote....

"Jen and I went to Figs in Wellesley for dinner. I think the waitress thought I was a lunatic. We sat down at the table and she came over to pour our water. I asked her to immediately put in my order for whatever pasta dish had the most food and to bring over the bread ASAP. I scarfed down my meal before Jen's pizza even arrived. Then I polished off half of Jen's pizza... then I passed out at the table :-)

Thank you to Dave, Anthony and the rest of the crew that organized and supported this year's ride. The route was fantastically marked. Anthony was a major life-saver.
See you on the road."
Anthony the Great
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Eric drank and ate
"Breakaway Jane" and her pal Karen
Every bathroom Andrew tried all day had signs like this!
Lynn Scornavacca directs riders

Coffee- It appeared that we were going to luck out with the weather.  As I left my house at 4:00 AM it was 68 degrees and humid, but with no sign of rain.  One problem with these early starts is that the better coffee shops are not open.  I pulled into a Mobil station that offered Green Mountain Coffee.  It was weak but hot.  As usual, I was not the first to arrive at Nahanton Park.  Several people were already there prepping their bikes in the dark.  Anthony had already set up shop. The day was off to a good start...